Star Trek Explore New Worlds Video Slot Review From Williams Interactive ?>

Star Trek Explore New Worlds Video Slot Review From Williams Interactive

Star Trek Explore New Worlds is the follow up game to the ever so popular Star Trek slot series created by Williams Interactive, also known as WMS. This slot is pretty much the same as the first Star Trek slot game. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The theme is also the same. The difference however is the episode it is create around.

The funny thing about this game is you will need to win 100 medals from the previous version of the game before you can play this version. The jackpot in this game is the same as the previous game. You will be awarded the 4500 payout if you get a scatter, wild or multiplier. The Insignia symbol also remains the same and is the highest paying symbol in the game.

The wild symbol is the Star Trek logo and the scatter symbol is the Feature Logo. In Star Trek Explore New Worlds, the wild symbol basically replaces all other symbols on the reel to complete winning lines. There is one exception and that is the scatter symbol. The creature from outer space is the only new addition to this game.

Star Trek Explore New Worlds and Star Trek Red Alert use the same exact reel sets. The animated backgrounds are completely transparent. This gives the illusion that the reels are moving forward. Other than that, all reel features remain the same.

There is however a new bonus feature referred to as Beam Me Up. Anytime a minimum of 3 scatter feature symbols land across the reels, the Beam Me Up feature will be triggered. When this feature is triggered you will need to help destroy various bonus objects. If you succeed, you win!

The sizes of the coins vary quite a bit. They start as low as $0.01 and go as high as $3.00. You can bet a maximum of $105 per spin. If you are a high roller slot player this is the perfect game for you. Penny slot players will also love this game.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol will eventually be replaced by the Star Trek logo. Once it becomes the wild symbol it will act as a substitute for the remaining reel symbols. As stated before, the only exception is the scatter feature symbol.

Scatter Symbol

This symbol is represented by the Feature logo symbol. Anytime you get a minimum of three of these symbols, the free spins bonus will be triggered. The payout can be as much as 3750 times your total bet.

Bonus Game

Get at least three scatter feature symbols to appear across the reels and you will get a bonus game. When this feature is triggered a bonus screen will pop up. It will have a group of five crew members with it. They are there to help you target various bonus objects. You will need to chose which crew members you want to target the bonus objects. Each bonus object will either reveal a Medal, a cash prize or items you can collect to continue playing or end the feature.

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